Hershey’s BarNone

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Hersheys Barnone was a great candy bar with a short life; it was avalible nationwide for only about 7 years.

In September of 1986 Hershey’s did a limit test release for BarNone in California and after the successful release they went nationwide in September 1987. The original BarNone was one wide chocolate wafer bar with a chocolate filling, a milk chocolate coating and sprinkled with peanut pieces. This was the first new product that Hershey produced for national distribution since 1983.

These commercials show what the bar looked like,

1980s Commercial

1980s – Tame the Chocolate Beasty Commercial

In February of 1993 Hershey relaunched BarNone with a new formula and a new package. It was reformulated into two wafers with peanuts and caramel and a milk chocolate coating. Hershey discontinued production of the bar sometime around 1995 with very little mention.

This commercial shows the new packaging and new bars,

YouTube – 1990s Relaunch Commercial

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